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This "mobile phone unlocking & repairs" website based in Dublin, Ireland is not up to anything good.

We placed this order with "GSM solutions ltd" for which we were promptly charged and when we saw this on our bank statement (not just an authorization) we naturally assumed the item was on it's way.

A couple of weeks later with no item delivered, we called and were told it was "Back Ordered" and that it would be available in a week.

The next month I called and was told the item was "discontinued"

I am of the opinion that if I am charged for an item, you better have it in stock and that it should ship within a reasonable amount of time (2-3 business days). Most resellers wont even charge you until the item it actually on the dock on it's way out the door.

The "tone" of the voice of customer service strongly indicates that they are fully aware of what they are doing. To me, this is on the hairy edge of criminal.

This matter was NEVER resolved. Repeated attempts to communicate with them were completely ignored.

NOT recommended!

Review about: Phone Accessories.


#508769 quoted me 115 euro to fix my Xbox.It would no longer read games, and seeing as it was outside of the warranty I rang a few shops.

You bluntly told me that we wouldn't get it repaired any cheaper in Dublin. Remember me ?

It cost be 50 euro to get if fixed in the end !:rollseyes:


Completely disagree with this, have always bought items from these and have shipped no problem, some items they did not have in stock, they didnt charge me

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